Nathan Beaver Bio

Nathan Beaver

Nathan Beaver, an Atlanta-bred singer-songwriter and alt-country musician has been aptly called “the epitome of the real deal.” ( His shining, honest lyrics are matched only by his clear-sounding voice, and his growth into authentic musicality has been chronicled by critical success from two full length solo studio albums—Point B (2004) and Universal You (2010) – and one EP, Everybody’s Out Tonight (2011).

Beaver’s music has been dubbed “...stunning in its simplicity” (Paste Magazine).  He is an artist with a wide range of talent with songs that are energetic, and at times gentle and melancholy. Music News Nashville encapsulates – “Beaver's forté is showing intimate moments of time.”

Beaver also released, in 2001, a Live at Eddie’s Attic compilation recorded at the famed Decatur, Georgia, music venue that nurtured the early careers of Shawn Mullins, John Mayer, Sugarland and the Indigo Girls.

Eddie Owen, founder and owner of Eddie’s Attic says, “Nathan has talent, pure and simple. Keep an eye on this guy.”

Beaver has shared the stage with Shawn Mullins, Clay Cook (of the Zac Brown Band), Ari Heist, Bain Mattox, Matthew Kahler, and many more.

Beaver currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

About Everybody’s Out Tonight

Everybody’s Out Tonight marks a shift for Beaver into a new musical genre – alt-country – fusing the energized country influence that Nashville has inspired with Beaver’s consistently thoughtful lyrics and smooth vocals.

Everybody’s Out Tonight has caught the attention of fans and critics alike – a testament to Beaver’s distinctive style. “This Georgia native weaves fresh melodies with pop leaning lyrics into his own cotton blend of entertainment.” (Music News Nashville)

In addition to six tracks, Everybody’s Out Tonight also includes a special bonus video that gives a behind the scenes look into Beaver and his music. The EP was produced by Will Robertson and recorded at Gallop Studios in Tucker, Georgia.

About Universal You

Universal You reflects a deepening of Beaver’s lyrics and a more refined command of the music. Beaver truly shows his range – moving from gentle to edgy; he masterfully transitions between emotions.

Will Robertson’s production ably showcases Beaver’s smooth tenor vocals with instrumentation that supports but never gets in the way. The album includes the existential ballad “Piecing Together the World” and “Mason Jar,” a perennial favorite at his live shows.

Universal You was released in June of 2010 to critical acclaim and packed shows across the Southeast.